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Certified Translation

A certified translation is intended for official purposes when an institution requires a translation to be confirmed as complete and accurate by a certificate of accuracy. For entities such as U.S. Immigration (USCIS), colleges and universities, the courts, and many governments (local, state, and federal), this is administrative protocol. However, governmental and academic entities are not the only ones that rely on certified translation services. Some businesses and corporations need certified translations to validate documents such as financial reports, patent filings, legal documents, and business agreements for all stakeholders.

The translation certificate of accuracy affirms that the translation was performed by a qualified translator. The translator must be fluent in both English and the language of the original document. Languex translations are completed by humans and not machines. Our translators are thoroughly vetted and must pass our rigorous exams before they are hired. A certified translation ensures the integrity of the translation. Because of fraud, institutions such as the USCIS have become more vigilant about forged or errant documents. When you use a translation service with a reputation of upholding certification standards, administrators can trust that it’s an accurate representation of the source material.

To meet such standards, the document must be translated literally, word-for-word so that all the text present is accounted for. No text may be omitted or given more explanation. This procedure is straightforward for a form such as a birth certificate, but for documents that contain paragraphs, the translator must be vigilant not to expand upon the meaning of the text. The certificate of accuracy is the instrument that certifies the translation and confirms that it was done according to stringent standards. The Languex certificate is produced on branded letterhead and formally declares that the translation was completed properly by a person who meets all the applicable credentials. It includes our company’s contact info and ATA corporate member number on the off chance that additional verification is needed.

The Languex network of human translators covers over 65 languages.  You can rely on Languex to deliver top-quality translations on time and accurately, every time. Over 10,000 satisfied customers have used our accredited services with success! You get quick turnaround time (24 hours), three-step quality control, the lowest price in the industry, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Why Do I Need a
Certified Translation?

For verification purposes, institutions such as courts, high schools, universities, immigration, license offices, or other governmental agencies will require certified translations of documents. International business transactions or adoptions might also require a certified translation of documents. A certified translation eliminates doubt about the validity, accuracy, and completeness of a translated document. Also, a certified translation performed by an expert translator is most efficient and has a low risk of interception by an administrator due to errors.

Each certified translation is completed by an expert translator who is fluent in both the original language of the document and in English. Along with the translation is an official signed certificate that declares the accuracy of the translation and affirms the qualifications of the translator. Acceptance by the USCIS is guaranteed.

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Sample Certified Translations

Certified translations are printed on Languex letterhead accompanied by signed and stamped certificate of accuracy. Translations are formatted similarly to the original document and reflect the original design.

Over 65 Languages

Each translation comes with a certificate that verifies the accuracy of the translation and the translator's qualifications.

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