Website Translation & localization Services

Translate your website to grow your global audience
  • Writers / authors websites
  • Travel websites
  • Online journals and periodicals
  • Blogs
  • Community websites
  • Informational websites
  • Mobile device websites
  • Directory websites
  • Sports websites
  • E-commerce websites

Why Consider Website Translation Services?

  • Increase Sales

    Over 50% of shoppers around the globe prefer to buy exclusively from websites in their own language. If you aren't speaking their language you aren't selling. And even strong English speakers prefer to read reviews in their native language.

  • Increase Engagement

    Most people online have some English proficiency. But not enough to keep them engaged with your website. Translating your website into their native language encourages people to spend more time on it. More time on your website means they're more likely to buy.

  • Grow your audience

    If you advertise or use social media internationally, your website needs to greet your visitors in the same language. Ironically, visitors with the best English skills are the most put off by your lack of language localization. Translating your website puts all your visitors at ease and helps turn visitors into advocates.


Localization Is Website
Translation - Done Right.

Languex uses native, certified translators to translate your website to help it resonate with international customers. Localize your website by translating it into over 65 languages with our multilingual, Mobile & Desktop App, gaming, and software translation services, enabling people worldwide to connect with more readers and consumers with our E-learning translation services and expand your potential customer base. Our website translation service will provide your business with access to reach new customers all across the globe by efficiently translating your website and content localization into any language necessary, as well as any marketing translation services. You can trust our certified translators to localize your website word for word.

Get Expert Language Translation Services in 100+ Languages
Your Go-To Translation Agency!

As a leading translation agency, we offer Translation to over 100+ languages done by professional translators. Need help finding the Language you need? Contact us today for personalized assistance from our translation experts.

3 Ways To Get Your Website Translated

  • Website Source Code Files

    We can work directly in the source code JSON, XML, HTML, PHP and many more. We can pull original and post translated files straight from your code repositories like Github or Dropbox through our translation platform.

  • Editable Text Files

    Any text format Word, Excel, CSV or PowerPoint. We can also translate your graphics, images and pdfs. Transfer original and translated documents through our SFTP or our customer Portal.

  • API or Direct to CMS

    Translate website content through our API or directly to your CMS (such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla). Install a simple plugin and we'll retrieve originals and post translated website content to your staging or production server. We'll review each translated text fits the layout and suggest adjustments before content goes live.


Ready To Get Your Website Translated?

The Languex Difference

  • Advanced Business Services

    Quickly and easily translate a large amount of content with our intuitive API. Simply plug it in to your site and let us do the rest!

  • Fast & Affordable

    Get your translation in hours, not days. Certified translations are just $24.50/page. Standard translations are just $0.06 per word.

  • Easy-To-Use Web Portal

    Place your order, review, request quotes, and receive your translations, all in one easy web portal. Never lose an important document in your email again!

  • Professional Human Translators

    Over 65 languages. Our translators are vetted with third-party testing for accuracy and professionalism.

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