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At Languex, we understand the paramount importance of accuracy in legal translations. Our team of experienced legal translators has extensive expertise in legal terminology and documentation across various practice areas. We deliver linguistically precise translations while preserving the exact legal meaning.

Whether you need contracts, patents, litigation documents, certificates, or any other legal content translated, Languex has the specialized knowledge to handle your project seamlessly. Our legal translators are native speakers trained in legal translation protocols to produce authenticated translations meeting official standards.

You can trust our rigorous quality assurance process to deliver timely, error-free translations. We offer fast turnarounds to meet tight deadlines. Our project managers coordinate each step efficiently while keeping you updated on progress.

Our legal translation services cater to a broad range of clients, including:

Corporate gorvernance
Contracts and Agreements
Affidavits and court fillings
Laws and regulations
Certificates and apostilles
Compliance documents
Legal opinions and briefs
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Fast & affordable

Rapid turnaround for time-sensitive documents
Translation starts at $24.50 per page or 0.10 per word
24/7 support from project managers & translators 
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50,000+ satisfied clients
Trusted by global banks and financial institutions
Dedicated project managers guide every translation
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Affordable & Scalable Solutions

Volume discounts offered for large projects
No task is too big - we fit your needs
Translations in 100+ languages

Order Professional Legal Translations in Simple Steps

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Use our quick self-serve online order form available 24/7 to order your translations faster and see our real-time transparent pricing as you go through our three-step ordering form.

Upload your file & select languages
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Get a Quote for Custom Projects

Please request a quote for large and custom translation orders. Work directly with our team to discuss pricing, enjoy volume discounts for larger projects, and benefit from our flexible and tailored translation services to meet your needs.

Get in touch with our team for a customized solution
Transparent pricing & volume discounts
Start & deliver your translation on time

Legal Document Translation & Localization

At Languex, we provide complete legal document translation and localization services for your digital and printed content – not just translation.

Legal documents rely heavily on visual elements like formatting, charts, and tables to convey information effectively. Our skilled translators and desktop publishers work together to adapt these visual components for each target language and culture while maintaining complete accuracy.

We reformat text as needed to fit translated content. Images and graphics are adapted to resonate with international audiences. Charts and tables are reworked to accommodate longer strings of text as required by some languages.

Our comprehensive localization ensures your translated legal documents look polished and professional. You can trust Languex to produce a fully localized legal translation.

Certified Legal Translation

Certified legal translators are essential when dealing with sensitive client legal data and documents. At Languex, we invest heavily in our translation teams to guarantee accurate language skills and deep legal knowledge.

Our certified legal translators have educational backgrounds in law and legal practice areas. They then undergo rigorous testing and certification through respected legal translation associations to validate their expertise. Ongoing professional development keeps their legal terminology and specialty knowledge current.

By partnering with our certified legal translation services team, we can deliver high-quality translations of any legal document type with full comprehension of terminology, concepts, and nuances. Our teams have translated thousands of projects covering contracts, litigation, patents, certificates, regulations, and more.

We're committed to providing certified legal document translation services by the highest caliber of professional translators. When your content requires localized messaging that conveys complex legal information accurately across cultures, you need a specialist.

Manage Your Translation Projects with Our Portal

At Languex, our innovative online translation management portal makes ordering and managing legal translations smooth and straightforward.


Simplified Order Management

Our intuitive portal allows you to easily submit translation requests, track real-time progress, and collaborate with team members – all in one place. Managing projects is efficient and hassle-free.


Priority Customer Support

Questions come up, and we're here to help. Chat with our financial translation experts whenever you need guidance. Count on responsive support for a seamless experience.


Secure and Confidential

Your data is safe with us. Our portal utilizes robust protocols and encryption to protect your documents. NDAs keep your projects confidential throughout the process.

manage your translation projects with our portal

Legal Translations in Over 100 Languages

While English-to-Spanish translation is standard, Languex's expertise extends beyond any language pair. We offer legal document translation services in over 100 languages, making us a one-stop shop for all your legal translation needs.

Our professional legal translators are fluent in an extensive range of languages. We only use native speakers for each language to ensure full comprehension of terminology and nuances.

Whether you require translating contracts into Japanese or annual reports into Portuguese, Languex has the financial language expertise to deliver high-quality and accurate translations for every document type.

What Are Legal Translation Services?

A legal translation involves adapting legal documents, such as contracts and patents, from one language to another. It requires the work of a professional familiar with both the source and target languages, a deep understanding of the legal system, and cultural expertise. That’s why at Languex, we trust only certified, professional human translators who have been vetted for their skills and ability to produce accurate legal translations. In general, a legal translation makes official documents accessible to a broader audience, which may be necessary for documents to be recognized by government authorities. These sorts of translations are often essential parts of legal proceedings and international business transactions.

Some of the critical specialties we regularly translate include:

Contracts and Agreements
Patents and intellectual property
Litigation documents
Affidavits and court fillings
Certificates and apostilles
Laws and regulations
Corporate governance
Compliance documents

Legal Translation Tips and Short Guides

Where can I find a legal translator?

Look no further than Languex for a team of experts who are equipped to help you translate any legal document you need in over 100 languages. Our certified translations are done by only the best translators, and we can pair you with the right fit for your needs.

Can I translate my own legal documents?

Legal documents can be complex to translate and must be accurate, so they aren’t the sort of material to handle on your own. That’s where Languex comes in handy – our professional translators are certified to work with official and legal documents, and our rigorous quality-control process ensures everything is error-free.

Should I use Google to translate legal documents?

Only a professional human translator can ensure a document is accurate and true to its original form and style. Our translation professionals possess the expertise and attention to detail required to produce high-quality legal translations that fit your budget. We don’t rely on internet translation tools to do our work for us, and neither should you – let us do the hard work for you.

Where can I find certified legal translation services online?

Languex is the top legal translation service provider online. Our team of human professionals is prepared to help you meet your needs quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank.

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How much do Languex’s legal translation services cost?

While other document translation services charge $30 to $50 per page, at Languex Certified Translation Agency, we request only $24.50 per page. Each page may consist of up to 250 words and numbers. And, unlike many of our competitors, we won’t charge you extra for any revisions.

How long does it take Languex to translate a legal document?

The Languex team can turn your legal documents around in just 24 hours, all without compromising the quality of your translations. Our real human translation professionals are fast, accurate, and eager to help.

Does my legal translation need to be notarized?

It’s likely that many legal translations will need to be notarized to be accepted by the relevant institutions they’re going to. Luckily, the Languex team can produce certified, notarized legal translations as needed. Because we follow a thorough and detailed quality-control process, we guarantee your product will be error-free. When sending you your finalized translation, we provide you with an ink-signed certification from our translator that affirms its notarization.

Does my legal translation need to be certified?

Most legal translations do need to be certified to verify their accuracy. That’s why all of our legal translations include a free ink-signed and sealed certificate that shows they’ve been completed by a certified translation service provider.

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