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Press Release Translation, What You Need to Know

Press releases are key documents for public relations, media outreach, corporate announcements, and marketing. When disseminating information to diverse audiences in the United States or globally, a professionally translated press release is often crucial. More than just a text conversion, a proper press release translation must be culturally and contextually appropriate, particularly with the nuances of media language and public communication standards. Only accurate and culturally resonant translations can prevent misinterpretations, ensure message consistency, and effectively reach target audiences, which are essential for maintaining corporate image and public relations. Certified press release translation is commonly required for international product launches, corporate announcements, event promotions, crisis communications, and cross-cultural marketing campaigns, ensuring that the intended message is conveyed accurately and effectively to diverse global audiences.

Press Release Translation Services By Languex

Languex is the industry leader in Press Release Translation Services. Need a translation that's fast and accurate? Look no further. With our 24-hour turnaround, you can have your press release translated and ready for official use — all at an affordable rate of $24.50 per page.

Whether you need a Press Release translation for  legal proceedings, or any other reason, our service ensures you receive a translation that meets and exceeds industry standards—experience hassle-free translation with Languex.

Getting your Press Release Translated is simple and quick

At Languex, we make professional press release translations easy. Our simple process delivers legally compliant translations you can submit worry-free.


Submit Your Document

Upload your press release via our secure online form. Select languages and add-ons like notarization or receiving original copies, and make secure payment.


Track Real-Time Progress

Check your translation status anytime through our portal. Preview your document and request revisions for free.


Expert Review and Delivery

Our translators complete a thorough final review and issue a translation certificate. Then, we securely deliver your certified translation by email and portal.

Notarized Press Release Translation

A notarized translation adds an extra layer of verification and validation. Our notarization service involves a notary public verifying and authenticating the translation certificate signature, adding extra trust and reliability.

Notarized Press Release Translations are often required for formal legal processes or when submitting documents to government or legal officials.

Your Languex-translated and notarized press release will be universally acceptable for any official matter requiring notarization.

A notarized press release translation should include:

The original press release in the native language
The English translated version
The translator's signature and statement
Notary statement of translator oath
The notary's signature and stamp
Notary's commission expiration date

Certified Press Release Translation

 A Certified Press Release Translation is a document translated by a professional translator who attests to the translation's accuracy. This certificate accompanies the translated document and bears the signature and credentials of the translator.

At Languex, we take the certification process seriously. We provide a free Certificate of Translation compliant with legal requirements. Certified document translations from Languex assure that legal entities, universities, and government organizations will accept your document.

A proper certified press release translation must include the following:

The translator's signature, attesting to the accuracy of the translation
A statement affirming the translator's competency in both languages
A translator who is an unaffiliated third party, not a family member
A typed translation in the original format for easy verification

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Press Release Translation

The following are some common mistakes to avoid when preparing press release translations:

Incomplete Translation: The translated document must be complete, including all necessary information, such as signatures, seals, and dates.
Inaccurate Translation: The translated document must accurately reflect the contents of the original document.
Missing Required Information: The translated document must include all required information, such as a certification statement signed by the translator.

The Complications of Getting the Wrong Press Release Translation

One small mistake in translating your press release can cause lots of trouble. Here's what could go wrong:

Delays: The government might ask for more info if something's wrong with your papers. This will slow down everything and make you wait longer.
Extra Costs: Waiting longer usually means spending more money. This could be for faster services or lost chances like a job.
Application Denied: Our press release translation expertise delivers swift, flawless translations to expedite global distribution.

Tips: How Languex Can Help You Avoid These Issues

To avoid the above issues, a press release translation service like Languex is a good idea—our professional translators are trained and have translated thousands of press releases for different use cases like courts, visa applications, USCIS applications, DMV, and more.

Pick Quality: Don't just go for the cheapest option. Languex has experts who know all about government translation rules.
Be Quick: Languex works fast, they help you meet deadlines so you don't have to wait longer.
Get the Right certificate: Languex gives you all the proper certifications, ensuring the government accepts your documents.
Ask for Help: Our support can guide you if you need help 24/7.
Accuracy: Our Professional translators are trained to translate documents accurately.

Get Your Press Release Translated in Over 100 Languages

At Languex, we celebrate global diversity through our translation services. We offer press release translations in over 100 languages - Whether you need your press release translated from Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, or other languages, Languex has you covered.

Our wide range of language options ensures we can assist you no matter your Document language. We have specialized translators ready for any translation need.

Order today and get your press release translated into any language you want.

Other Documents We Translate

At Languex, we specialize in press release translations, but our services extend far beyond that. With extensive translation expertise, we can meet all your document translation needs.

Whether you require a legal document translation like a contract, affidavit, or court order, an academic transcript from high school, university, business document, or personal documents including marriage/divorce certificates and death certificates, Languex delivers professional, certified translations you can trust. 

Having a large network of experienced, professional translators equips us to translate any document. Below is a list of some common documents we translate.

How Languex Compares with Other Translation Companies



Other Companies

Certified Translators



Updated with the legal Translation requirements



Types of Documents Handled

All Types

Limited Types

Handles Sensitive Cases with Care




Quick turnaround

Slow Delivery

Customer Support

Personalized service

Generic service


Value for quality $24.50 per page

May charge more for less quality- an average of $35 per page

See Example Press Release Translations

At Languex, we provide sample translations that demonstrate our commitment to accuracy, correct formatting, compliance, and readability.

By reviewing our press release translation samples, you can evaluate the quality of work we deliver

Press Release Translation Tips and Short Guides

How to translate Press Releases to English?

The best option is to use a professional translation company for certified accuracy. Languex provides fast and accurate Press Release translations into English.

How to translate a Press Release from Spanish to English?

Hiring a professional translation company is recommended for a legally valid Spanish-to-English Press Release translation. Languex has expert Spanish translators available.

Where can I get my Press Release translated?

For certified translations, a professional translation service is recommended. Languex offers Press Release translations you can rely on.

Where to get my Press Release translated and notarized near me?

Using an online translation company that offers remote services is convenient. Languex provides Press Release translations online.

Getting your foreign Press Releases ready for translation In the US

  1. Use the detailed version of your Press Release with an official seal.
  2. It should have your full name.
  3. Find a skilled translator to translate it into English.
  4. The translation needs to be certified or officially confirmed as correct.
  5. Lastly, get the translated paper officially stamped or notarized if required by the official organization to submit your Press Release.

Can you translate your Press Release?

It won't be legally valid. Using a professional certified translator is best for accuracy. Languex provides professional Press Release translations.

Can Languex Handle Large-Scale Press Release Translation Projects?

Yes, Languex can handle both small and large-scale press release translation projects. Our extensive network of experienced translators enables us to provide efficient and timely translations for press releases of varying lengths and complexities.

How Does Languex Ensure Confidentiality in Press Release Translation?

Languex prioritizes the confidentiality of your press release content. We implement stringent data protection measures to safeguard your sensitive information, ensuring that your news remains private and secure throughout the translation process.

Show More Short Guides


How Much Does Press Release Translation Cost?

The cost of translating a Press Release can vary based on several factors, including the language pair, complexity, and additional services like notarization or expedited delivery.

At Languex, we pride ourselves on offering quality translations at competitive prices. Our pricing model is straightforward, starting at $24.50 per page. We don't believe in hidden charges or complicated pricing tiers. Whether you need a translation for USCIS compliance, educational applications, or any other reason, our cost remains consistent.

Our fee includes a free Certificate of Translation, often required for legal or immigration processes. Additional services like notarization and express delivery are available for a nominal extra charge. You can select additional Options in the checkout.

How Do You Notarize a Press Release Translation?

Notarizing a Press Release translation is another service at Languex. Our notarized translations comply with all legal standards, giving you the peace of mind you need for legal or immigration processes.

How Long Does It Take to Translate a Press Release?

We understand that time is of the essence. That's why at Languex, our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. We also offer express options for those who have more urgent needs.

What Information is Needed to Translate a Press Release?

We require a clear and legible copy of the original Press Release to ensure accuracy. This allows us to provide a translation that meets all necessary standards and requirements.

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