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Effortless Medical Records Translations

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Medical Records Translation, and Who Needs One?

A medical records translation involves converting official medical records and other documents from one language to another. You might need one if you move or travel to another country where you need medical attention, medications, or other similar services. Because medical documents need to be 100% complete and accurate, you’ll likely need a certified medical translation to confirm that your records truly reflect the tone, purpose, and style of their original copies.You might need a professional medical document translation for purposes like:
  • Seeing a doctor in a new country
  • Visiting an emergency room or hospital outside your native country
  • Receiving prescription medications
  • Applying for employment or passing certain background checks
Essentially, anytime you need to verify your medical history to receive a service, you’ll need an accurate translation of your health records. You’ll also want to trust professional translators who have an understanding of the right medical terminology and an eye for detail to get any medical document translated. Even small mistakes could lead to serious consequences for your health.Our team has successfully translated thousands of medical documents and is a reputable source for both certified and standard translation services. At Languex, we’re passionate about providing the high-quality translations our customers need at a price that makes sense.Our certified medical translation service process, which encompasses 100+ languages, is thorough and diligent. We vet all our professional translators for their accuracy and language skills to ensure all medical records translated meet our high, industry-leading standards. You can rest assured that your certified medical translation will be error-free, meet all relevant requirements, and be deemed acceptable by any official institution.All our certified translations include a free ink-signed and sealed certified translation certificate with an optional notarized translation certificate. You can select our two-day delivery service to receive the original copy of the ink-signed and stamped translation and translation certificate. We send digital copies to your email for free.At Languex Certified Translation Services, we are proud of our reputation for excellence and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service and professional, accurate translations of all documents.Languex delivers certified document translation services of all kinds, all without breaking the bank. We are the top online certified translation services company nationwide, rated five stars by thousands of customers across a myriad of industries.
  • Certified Translation Services
  • Certified Translation Services

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Ellen Margolis, Project Manager

Certified Document Translation, Any Document

As part of a full-service certified translation company, our professional certified translators have experience translating a wide variety of documents. These translated documents are submitted to government agencies, colleges, universities, legal firms, and businesses worldwide. Whether you need a legal document translation, USCIS document translation, medical document translation, or something else entirely we have the expertise to get the job done.

Below is a list of the most commonly translated documents our team encounters.This list is not exhaustive, and we are equipped to translate many more types of documents to meet our customers’ needs.

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Certified Medical Records Translation in 100+ Languages

We've got you covered no matter which language(s) you need your medical records translated into. Our team features professional translators who are native speakers of over 100 popular languages and can produce work for all use cases. All Languex translators are vetted for their professionalism, skills, and accuracy, which means that medical records for any purpose will always be in good hands.

Below are some examples of common languages we work with most often. Please reach out to us if you don’t see your language on this list to learn more about how we can work to accommodate your needs.

Languex Gets it Done

  • Acceptance Guaranteed

    We guarantee our certified medical record translation services will be accepted by the government or official organizations relevant to your needs.

  • 24-Hour Turnaround

    Once you place your order, we assign it to the best professional translator for the job and begin work immediately. You can receive a first draft of your translation in just 24 hours, which is ideal for time-sensitive medical documents.

  • Only $24.50 Per Page

    Our certified medical records translation rates are the best at just $24.50/page (a page is 250 words or less). Our transparent pricing doesn’t include any surprise charges or hidden fees.

  • Privacy First

    Your privacy is always our top priority. We ensure all files are encrypted as soon as they’re uploaded, and all of our translators sign NDA contracts to keep your information secure.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    On the rare occasion our work doesn't match our standards, we'll make it right and happily offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • 50,000+ Happy Customers

    We only hire the best medical translators to get the job done right. Over 50,000 satisfied customers agree that Languex is the best choice for a translation project of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Records Translation:

  • How is the translation accuracy maintained?
  • What types of medical records can you translate?
  • How do you ensure the accuracy of the translations?
  • How long does it take to translate medical records?
  • Is my personal information kept confidential?
  • How do I get started with medical records translation?

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USCIS certified translation

Larger volume or complex needs?

Speak directly with an account manager to scope your project and provide a custom quote. Get in touch today.

Ellen Margolis, Project Manager

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