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Your One-Stop Solution for All Document Types, Certified and Standard Translations at Just $24.50 per Page. Fast, Affordable, and Trusted .

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Our document translators are experienced in translating all document types. These translations are regularly submitted to government agencies, universities, legal firms, and businesses in the US and worldwide. Our includes but is not limited to, legal documents, USCIS documents, medical documents, and more.

Certified Translators in 100+ Languages

As a leading certified language translation services provider, we offer certified English Translation and 100+ other languages by professional translators. Need help finding the Language you need? Below is a list of common languages we translate; please contact us if you don’t see your language on the list to learn how we can work to accommodate your needs.

Document Translators Fluent in Over 100 Languages

Stop scouring the internet for translators fluent in specific, localized languages. Languex offers document translation services in over 100 languages, making it a one-stop-shop for all your translation needs. Our translation agency stands at the forefront of language solutions.

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