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  • What is Legal Translation – A Complete Guide

    Although we may not realize it, legal documents are everywhere in our daily lives, ranging from birth certificates and marriage certificates to driver’s licenses and contracts. Both individuals and companies can be likely to encounter legal documents at some point down the road. When legal documents need to be written or read in another language, […]

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  • USCIS Translation- A complete Guide

    The Complete Guide to Certified Translation for USCIS If you need a USCIS translation, let us be the first to say this: congratulations on starting your immigration journey! As a translation agency offering high quality, certified translations, we at Languex will be here every step of the way to help you along this process. We […]

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  • Online Translation Services: Convenient and Cost-Effective Solutions

    Why Online Translation? When you want to translate your document, you’ll be looking for affordable translators with a quick turnaround and accurate translations. You have lots of translation options to choose from — computer-aided translation functions like Google Translate, freelance translators on gig platforms and professional online translation services, traditional expansive local translation agencies, and […]

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  • Notarized Translation – A Complete Guide

    Everything You Need to Know About Notarized Translation Certified translations have been completed by a skilled and authorized translator and are legally recognized. Governmental organizations, educational institutions, and commercial enterprises frequently utilize these translation services to confirm the authenticity and accuracy of the materials being given. A notarized translation is an essential aspect of the […]

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  • What Is A Certified Translation – A Complete Guide

    In today’s globalized world, accurate and reliable translations are more critical than ever. Whether you’re in the legal, immigration, medical field, or something else, it’s likely that at some point, a well-done, certified translation may be necessary. But what is a certified translation? Knowing how to find the right translation services for your organization can […]

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  • How to Translate a Birth Certificate – A Complete Guide

    In this post, we will cover what a certified birth certificate is, translating it into another language, what the translated document looks like, when to do a translation and when not to, what it costs, what agencies and organizations require a certified copy of the birth certificate and finish with why private individuals and companies trust Languex to do their translations.

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