Government Translation Services

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  • Translating in Over 100 Languages
  • Trusted by Financial Institutions

Customized Government Translation Services

  • Monthly Billing & Invoicing

    Recurring translation needs? No more back and forth for billing and payment details. All your orders are invoiced in one itemized bill.

  • Easily Ordering On Our Customer Portal

    The customer portal makes keeping track of your translation orders and documents easy.

  • Priority Service

    We make sure to meet your deadlines. 12, 24, or 48-hour turnaround for your translations.


Translation Services For State and Federal Governments

At Languex, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive translation services to both local and federal government bodies, encompassing over 100 languages. We understand the unique requirements and strict standards of governmental work, ensuring every project we undertake meets these needs. Our customized translation solutions are tailor-made to accommodate specific government protocols and regulations. With a deep commitment to accuracy and confidentiality, Languex is always ready to accept invitations for bids from government agencies seeking exceptional language services. Trust Languex, your dependable partner in bridging communication gaps and fostering global understanding.

We have a distinguished history of serving state and local government agencies with our top-tier translation services. Our experienced team has worked closely with numerous municipal and regional agencies, ensuring seamless communication across an array of languages. From translating essential public documents to aiding in local community outreach, we've consistently delivered exceptional quality to meet our clients' diverse needs.

Our client testimonials reflect the high standards we've upheld, often highlighted by our rapid turnaround times, keen attention to detail, and superior customer service. Our commitment to providing unparalleled language solutions has not only fulfilled immediate requirements but has also fostered stronger, more inclusive community relations.

Languex remains dedicated to serving our state and local government clients with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We're not just providing a service; we're building bridges for a multicultural future.

Our Translation Process as The Top Business Translation Agency

  • Consultation

    We initiate a conversation to understand your unique marketing translation requirements.

  • Translation

    Our skilled linguists carefully adapt your marketing materials to ensure precise translation and cultural relevance.

  • Quality Assurance

    We maintain the highest standards of accuracy and consistency across all marketing translation services projects.

  • Delivery

    We guarantee timely delivery of the final of your translation within the agreed budget with our fast and reliable marketing translation team.

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Why Choose Languex as a Translation Service for Businesses

  • Customized Government Services

    We collaborate with you to identify your specific requirements and customize our services accordingly.

  • Expert Translators

    Our team consists of professional translators proficient in multiple languages and possess deep cultural insights, guaranteeing precise translations and cultural relevance for your target audience.

  • Seamless Translation Process

    We leverage cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to optimize our translation process, delivering exceptional business translation services on time and within budget.

  • Custom Service & Competitive Pricing

    Our customized service packages and competitive pricing make us the perfect partner for business and government agencies of all sizes seeking to extend their global reach through professional translation services.

  • Over 10,000 Customers

    We only hire the very best. Our translators are carefully vetted, and each has the qualifications and experience required to translate your business documents flawlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Translation Services

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