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Portuguese Translation Services by Languex

Individuals and businesses trust Languex for quick, affordable, word-for-word Portuguese translation services. All Portuguese translation services are guaranteed to be exact representations of the source documents.

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How Does Languex Translate Portuguese Documents

  • Order

    Select your options for an instant quote. Enter your contact and billing information. Upload your documents. Done.

  • Review

    Approve the translation or request a revision free of charge.

  • Delivery

    Your approved, finalized translation is emailed to you. Requested hard copies will be mailed to your requested address.

Languex Portuguese Language Translators

Languex connects you to native-speaking professional Portuguese translators. In addition, Languex hires and regularly vet each of its Portuguese translators to confirm their language proficiency. Our Portuguese translators reside in Portugal and Brazil and have deep experience overcoming Portuguese's various complexities and nuances.

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  • USCIS certified translation
  • USCIS certified translation

Sample Certified Translations

Certified translations are printed on Languex letterhead accompanied by signed and stamped certificate of accuracy. Translations are formatted similarly to the original document and reflect the original design.

  • Brazilian vs. European Portuguese Translations

    Two hundred fifty million people speak Portuguese. It is the number-one language in South America, second in Latin America, and the official language of the European Union. Portuguese is also the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, and Mozambique. Read More

Certified Translators in Over 100+ Languages

The Languex team of certified human translators covers over 100 languages. You can rely on Languex to deliver top-quality official translations on time and accurately every time. Our certified translation company has served over 10,000 satisfied customers from a variety of professional, personal, and official backgrounds.

When you work with the team at Languex, you get a quick turnaround time, three-step quality control, the lowest price in the industry, and a 100% money-back guarantee no matter which language you’d like to translate your documents to or from. Below is a list of common languages we translate; please contact us if you don't see your language on the list to learn how we can work to accommodate your needs.

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USCIS certified translation

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Standard Translation vs. Portuguese Certified Translation

A Portuguese certified translation means the person performing the translation provides a signed statement that the translation is an accurate, word-for-word professional Portuguese translation. A Portuguese-certified translation requires the translator to follow a rigid set of requirements. On the other hand, a standard Portuguese translation can be flexible in word choice and grammar.     Read More
  • Portuguese Language Translations by Industry

    The Portuguese language is the fastest-growing spoken language after English, and Portuguese translation is in demand both within its official state and outside Portugal. Brazil has successfully developed a diversified economic base, leading in steel, automobiles, textiles, chemicals, consumer goods, and food. In addition, Brazil has vast energy, agricultural, mining, and tourism sectors.

The Languex Difference

USCIS certified translation
  • Advanced Business Services

    Quickly and easily translate a large amount of content with our intuitive API. Simply plug it in to your site and let us do the rest!

  • Fast & Affordable

    Get your translation in hours, not days. Certified translations are just $24.50/page. Standard translations are just $0.06 per word.

  • Easy-To-Use Web Portal

    Place your order, review, request quotes, and receive your translations, all in one easy web portal. Never lose an important document in your email again!

  • Professional Human Translators

    Over 65 languages. Our translators are vetted with third-party testing for accuracy and professionalism.

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USCIS certified translation

Larger volume or complex needs?

Speak directly with an account manager to scope your project and provide a custom quote. Get in touch today.

Ellen Margolis, Project Manager

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