Agreement Translation Services

  • Agreement Translation in 100+ Languages
  • Certified, Notarized & Delivered in 24 Hours
  • Just $24.50 per page

Our Multilingual Translation Service Process

  • Order

    Select your options for direct order or an instant quote. Upload your documents. Select languages. Done.

  • Review

    Approve the translation or request a revision free of charge.

  • Delivery

    Your approved and finalized certified translation is emailed to you. Requested hard copies will be mailed to your requested address.

Professional Agreement Translation

An agreement translation is a conversion of a legal agreement from one language to another. Agreement translation services are usually provided by professional translators who specialize in legal terminology, concepts, and requirements.

Any business or organization planning to use legal agreements in multiple countries or for one, two or more parties across the world might need a translated agreement. This can help ensure that all parties involved involved can clearly understand the contents of the legal document(s).

There are all kinds of agreements that might need to be translated to help an organization pursue its goals, connect with people of all linguistic backgrounds, and meet international requirements. Examples include things like:

  • A contract for new employees
  • Lease agreements or rental paperwork
  • Licensing agreements
  • Settlement agreements
  • Financial documents: expenses agreements, loan agreements, etc.
  • Ownership rights agreements
  • Business documents and partnership agreements
  • An agreement for translation services or other professional services
  • And more

We understand that the entire agreement should be translated word-for-word and reflect the tone, style, and format of the original. Our responsible and reliable team works hard to ensure that each translation project fits the right requirements and is error-free to avoid any hassle or delays.

Our certified translation service process, which encompasses 100 plus languages, is thorough and diligent. You can rest assured that your certified legal translation will be of the highest quality, meet all requirements, and be deemed acceptable by official institutions and organizations.

  • Certified Translation Services
  • Certified Translation Services

Common Documents We Translate

Languex is the leading translation company on the web and is your one-stop shop for all kinds of translation work. Below are some of the most popular document translations we perform, but we are also prepared to work with many more to accommodate our customers.

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Ready to get started?

Contact SalesTalk, chat or email with our translation service consultants.

Ready to get started?

Contact SalesTalk, chat or email with our translation service consultants.

Why Should You Work With Languex

  • Support For Large Projects

    Organizations and individuals with a large volume of content to translate can take advantage of our advanced business services. You can access a project manager, an online translation portal, and more to help you get fast, accurate translations.

  • 24-Hour Turnaround

    Once you place your order, we assign it to the best translator and begin work immediately. You can receive a first draft of your translation in just 24 hours, which is ideal for time-sensitive agreements or documents.

  • Only $24.50 Per Page

    Our certified agreement translation service rates are the best at just $24.50/page (a page is 250 words or less). We’ll never hit you with any surprise charges or hidden fees.

  • Privacy First

    Your privacy is our top priority. That’s why we ensure all files are encrypted as soon as they’re uploaded and bind our translators with NDA contracts to keep your personal information safe.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    On the rare occasion our work doesn't match our standards, we'll happily offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • 50,000+ Happy Customers

    We only hire the best team members to get the job done right. Over 50,000 satisfied customers agree that Languex is the best choice for translations of any kind.

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Contact SalesTalk, chat or email with our translation service consultants.

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