How to Translate Academic Documents?

In this article, you’ll learn What Academic Translation is, Typical Academic Translations: Individuals and Institutions, the Academic Translation Process, Tips When Hiring an Academic Translation Services Company, Why Choose Languex, and end up answering some Common Academic Translation Services questions.

What is an Academic Translation?

An academic translation service converts an individual’s official school records from the original to English or a second language. An academic translation is a literal word-for-word transcription of the documents or records related to academics. When international students enroll in a school, college, or university, they must submit copies of their academic translation credits. Original documents in a language other than English need translation by a certified professional. Educational institutions can hardly employ a staff that can read every foreign language, hence translation.

An academic translation service does not evaluate the credits or degrees earned. Certified transcript translations are a word-for-word transcription of the transcript from the source language to English or a second language.

Having the academic translations done quickly allows students to turn everything in on time. Depending on the coursework, transcripts are typically one to four pages in length.

Steps Needed for an Academic Translation

  • Step 1: Submit a digital copy of the academic record using Languex’s secure online ordering portal.
  • Step 2: An experienced project manager and a bilingual translator are assigned to your order.
  • Step 3: The translation is complete within 24 hours of the order being placed. Languex has a rigid quality control process in place to ensure customers instructions were followed, the translation is word-for-word accurate, and Languex’s standards of excellence were followed.
  • Step 4: Customer reviews the translation. Languex offers free revisions.
  • Step 5: Once the customer okays the translation, a final copy is emailed to the client.

Hardcopies can be mailed. Rush Orders are available.

All information is encrypted and stored on secure servers. Customers may request the information be deleted.

Check with the academic institution to see if they require additional certified copies of the translated documents or records.

What Are the Differences Between Academic Translations for Individuals and Institutions?

Individuals and institutions have different translation needs. Students look to translate their diploma or school records, while institutions may need to have policy or safety manuals, or parent or student manuals converted.

Why Do Individuals Need an Academic Translation Service?

High school diplomas, transcripts, report cards, and other school records require translation.

Documents and records such as diplomas, degrees, journals, letters of recommendation, and other academic papers need translating at the college or university level.

The academic translations afford the individual applying to an institution the best possible opportunity for enrollment. Documents need translation to be understood and adequately processed by the institution.

When needing additional certified copies of your diploma, degree, or transcripts, ask the school office or issuing registrar to authenticate the duplicates. There are usually forms that need to be filled out and certified by the academic institution.

Why Do Institutions Need an Academic Translation Service?

Educational institutions also require academic translation services of such documents as student or parent handbooks, school rules and policy manuals, academic papers, journals, safety manuals, and scientific or technical research papers.

Why Do I Need to Certify My Academic Translations?

High schools, universities, courts, immigration services, and other government agencies require certified translations of all school documents and records. Each certified academic translation comes with an official signed certificate verifying the accuracy of the translation and the translator’s qualifications.

What is the Academic Translation Process?

Once Languex has received a fully legible digital copy of your academic transcript or another academic record, they assign the translation most qualified to do the work. Not only will this translator be fluent in the language of the original document and English, but they will have been through an extensive vetting process. The worldwide network of Languex’s expert translators covers over 65+ languages. Every translator is tested for skill and accuracy before joining Languex’s network.

The translator completes a verbatim translation of the original document. They will not omit or provide additional details, and every word and number are translated precisely.

Once the academic translation is complete, a proofreader, editor, and manager check for quality and accuracy. Next, you will have the chance to review the document for any errors. Languex is confident that the outcome will be error-free, but if you find issues, simply note them so corrections can be made.

What to Consider When Hiring an Academic Translation Services Company

If the decision to go with an academic translation service is made solely on delivery speed and price, you may be disappointed with the results. Here’s a bullet list to start you thinking about vital characteristics of the translation process that might be more important.

  • Does the company use human translators?
  • Is the translator bilingual, fluent in both languages, and do they understand the culture and nuances of the locale?
  • Does the company guarantee prompt on-time delivery?
  • Was a firm price for the translation quoted before the work started, and were there no hidden fees?
  • Were free revisions and free formatting offered?
  • Was there a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
  • Does the company have good customer reviews at sites like Trustpilot?
  • Does the company have positive testimonials on its website?
  • Were you able to talk with a past customer who had a positive experience dealing with the company?

Why Individuals and Companies Choose Languex?

Languex is the premier online academic translation service. Languex is a corporate member of the American Translator Association (ATA). Their service is fast, accurate, and affordable.

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