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Online Translation Services


March 16, 2023

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Why Online Translation?

When you want to translate your document, you’ll be looking for affordable translators with a quick turnaround and accurate translations. You have lots of translation options to choose from — computer-aided translation functions like Google Translate, freelance translators on gig platforms and professional online translation services, traditional expansive local translation agencies, and online translation services.

These options come with huge differences and, of course, results for your document. For instance, traditional expansive local translation agencies need to meet the modern demands for large-scale, fast, agile, scalable, and continuous translation. Traditional translation agencies have limited capabilities, longer turnaround times, are more expansive and offer limited customer support.

Professional online translation services are the only way to get 100% accurate and certified translation results within a reasonable timeframe.

What are Online Translation Services?

Online translation services are translation services for different types of documents, such as transcripts, legal documents, immigration ( USCIS) documents, academic documents, and business documents.

Online translation companies hire translation professionals and specialists in different fields as well as native language speakers, to translate your document into your preferred language. You also get certified translation services for your official documents. Professional translators normally train for several years in college or university to master their craft.

The best online translation services vet their translators by taking them through rigorous exams before hiring them.

How Do Online Translation Services Work?

Hiring online document translation services involves an easy process.

  • Visit the company website.
  • Get a free, instant quote by entering a few details, including the language translation you need, the number of pages, your contact details, and additional details such as specialty required, formatting, and so on.
  • Upload your documents, and translators will start working on them
  • Once the expert translators complete your work, you can either approve it or request free revisions
  • When you’re happy with the final copy, the company can email you the translation or send the hard copy to your address

Are Online Translation Services Accurate?

Online translation services are 100% accurate because they are done by expert human translators who can:

  • Notice and correct errors in a document, leading to more accuracy.
  • Understand a document’s formatting, leading to more accurate translations.
  • Produce more natural-sounding text that flows well as they interpret the text as per the context.
  • Factor in the specific audience, tone, cultural and regional language use, and creativity to give the most accurate and appropriate translations.

Each translation goes through rigorous quality control, which includes reviews by at least five translators for accuracy.

How Much Do Online Translation Services Cost?

Using an online translator guarantees you more accurate and quality translations, which can come at a higher cost than other translation methods. The cost, however, is generally low, but it varies between companies.

Some companies will have hourly rates, rates per word, per page rates, and others will have fixed rates. Hourly rates can range between $30 and $70 per hour. Per-word rates can range between $0.10 and $0.30.

One of the most affordable translation services is Languex, which charges only $24.50 per page.

How Do I Choose The Best Online Translation Service For My Needs?

There are various factors to consider when choosing a translation service, including:

  • Translation agencies with a large network of expert translators to get certified translations
  • The different language combinations a company to check whether the company covers your preferred language
  • The potential delivery time to avoid project delays.
  • Whether the company hires translation experts that can handle technical and specialized translations
  • Company reviews to ensure you are only working with the best

What Languages Do Online Translation Services Support?

Online translation services can support as many as 60+ languages.

One common one is English to Spanish translation services online. Other common languages are German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Italian translation services. The best online translation company also provides translations for not-so-common languages like Norwegian and Swedish.

Can I Get My Documents Certified Through Online Translation Services?

Online certified translation services provide a certified document translation for your formal documents. These include documents from institutions like schools, immigration offices, courts, license officers, and government agencies. Translation certification is a crucial service that you can’t get from traditional translation agencies.

A certified translation assures document accuracy, validity, and completeness preventing administrative interception due to errors or suspected forgery. An expert translator fluent in English and the original document language completes each certified translation.

Translators must meet the required standards through word-for-word translations. If your document contains paragraphs, the translator must not expand on the original text’s meaning.

Certified documents are officially signed, affirming the translator’s qualifications and document accuracy. The document also comes with a company-branded letterhead and contact information in case you need further verification.

Can Online Translation Services Handle Technical Or Specialized Content?

Highly technical or specialized content is often difficult to translate, even for native speakers, as it contains specialized vocabulary. These projects require specialized knowledge from translation experts.

Once you hire a company with expert translators, you can expect superior-quality translations for your legal, medical, or other specialized documents. Each translated document comes with an official signed certificate that verifies that the document translation is accurate.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Translation Done With Online Services?

The average professional translator can translate an average of 1500 to 2500 words per day. That means you can expect a 24-hour turnaround time for most documents. Turn-around times may be longer depending on:

  • Original text quality
  • Document complexity
  • Document specialty or technicality
  • Word count
  • The tone of voice required, among other factors

Are There Any Legal Implications Of Using Online Translation Services?

Online certified translation services are an assurance of accuracy, eliminating legal implications. Professional translators also prevent data and privacy breaches by using encryption and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to keep your documents private.

For instance, in legal cases, any document that’s an important part of a case may require translation. Such documents must be certificated for accuracy. Presenting a legal document that lacks a certificate of accuracy can lead to legal repercussions.

Hiring Online Translation Services Guarantees Quality

Hiring translation services is worth every cent. You are guaranteed high-quality translation services and translation certification that keeps you free from legal implications. Go for an online translation company that:

  • Vets and hires only proven translation experts who are familiar with specialized niches and technical content
  • Certifies your documents for official needs
  • Ensures privacy for your documents
  • Delivers your translation within a short turnaround time

Languex has a network of human translators covering over 65 languages. We deliver superior-quality, professional translations with a turnaround of 24 hours at the lowest industry price. Join our over 10,000 satisfied customers today. Use Languex online translation services for fast and accurate translations and enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee.

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