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Certified Diploma Translation

Whether you need translation services for an elementary school student, a high school diploma, or a professional with a Master’s degree, our certified diploma translation services can translate academic materials from one language to another. Moving to a new country, attending a new school, or seeking a job are just a few reasons a person might need diploma translation services.

A diploma translation does not evaluate how academic credits or earned degrees should transfer to the educational standards of another country. Instead, an accurate translation should be a word-for-word transcription of a diploma from one language to a new one. They capture the original meaning of a diploma to ensure its contents can be understood in a new context.

Languex is the most trusted diploma and academic certificate translation company for providing certified translations in English and 100+ common languages. We connect you to real human translators who are skilled in your diploma’s original and intended language to ensure you get reliable, error-free results. We also offer certified academic transcript translation services for those who need them.

High School Diploma Translation

Languex is your premier high school diploma translation service, thanks to our worldwide network of vetted, certified translation professionals. We understand that applying to an educational institution, requesting citizenship, or otherwise pursuing official needs that require high school diploma translations is a complicated and timely process. That’s why we deliver high-quality results quickly, usually within 24 hours, and work with an experienced team of only the best translators.

The Languex team can help you with virtually any academic materials you may need, including high school diploma translation for students of all ages. Below are some of the most common types of document translations we work with. This list is not all-inclusive, and we are prepared to translate many more document types to help our customers.

  • Certified Translation Services
  • Certified Translation Services

Diploma Translation in 100+ Languages

Our professional diploma translators are certified and fluent in over 100 languages, and The Languex team is equipped to help you with the common languages listed below and more. Contact us today if you don’t see your language on the list to learn how we can work to accommodate your translations.

Why Turn To Languex For Diploma Translation?

  • USCIS Acceptance Guaranteed

    We’re confident our diploma translation services will be accepted by the academic or government organizations relevant to your needs, including USCIS.

  • 24-hour Turnaround

    Receive a first draft within 24 hours, making this perfect for time-sensitive documents. Once your order is placed, we assign it to translators who begin work immediately.

  • Just $24.50 Per Page

    Our certified legal translation service rates are unbeatable at just $24.50/page (a page is 250 words or less). We won’t hit you with surprise charges or hidden fees – our pricing plan is transparent.

  • Privacy First

    Your privacy will always be our top priority. That’s why we ensure all files are encrypted as soon as they’ve been uploaded. We also keep your information safe and secure by requiring all our translators to sign NDA contracts.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    On the rare occasion our work doesn't match our standards, we'll work hard to make it right. We will happily offer you a 100% money-back guarantee and strive to find a solution that still meets your needs.

  • 50,000+ Happy Customers

    With over 50,000 satisfied customers and counting and a top 5-star customer rating on Trustpilot, Languex is the top provider of diploma translation services.

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Languex Diploma Translation Process

Languex assigns a qualified translator once a fully legible digital copy of your diploma arrives. This translator is fluent in the source-document language, and English and our network of expert translators covers over 65 languages. Each translator goes through an extensive vetting process.

The translator completes a verbatim diploma translation, not eliminating any wording of the source document. They precisely translate every word and number.

Once the diploma translation is complete, a proofreader, editor, and manager check for quality and accuracy. Languex is confident that the outcome will be error-free. If problems arise, Languex offers free revisions.

Certified Translation of Diploma

Individuals fluent in both the source and target language perform certified diploma translations. The translation must be an accurate, word-for-word translation. The certified diploma translation includes the original text, the translated copy, and an accompanying statement by the translator attesting to the translator's credentials and completeness and accuracy.

The certification statement follows these U.S. guidelines at a minimum.
  • A statement of the translator's qualifications.
  • A statement affirming the completeness and accuracy of the document.
  • Identification of the translated document and language.
  • The translator's name, signature, and date on letterhead.

Certified diploma translations are for official uses where the receiver of the translated document requires certification to verify that the translation is a word-for-word, accurate transcription. U.S. Immigration (USCIS) requires certified translations. Colleges and universities, courts, and local, state, and federal agencies also expect certified diploma translations

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